Policies & Agreements


Reservations remain tentative until a signed contract has been received and a damage deposit is paid.


Included in your rental fee is:
- The first tank(s) of propane
- 2x Toilet paper rolls 2x
- Holding tank chemicals
- 1x Sewer hose (20’)  
- 1x Water hose (25’)
- 1x Power cord
- Kitchen Essentials Package

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations during high season (May 1st – August 31st) :
- Full refund if notice of 60 days or more is provided, $100.00 fee taken from deposit if it is less than 60 days, NO refund if cancellation occurs with less than 30 days' notice.  

Cancellations during low season (September 1st – April 31st):
- Full refund if notice of 2 weeks or more is provided, $100 fee taken from deposit if it is less than 2 weeks, NO refund if cancellation occurs with less than 1 week notice.


Deliberate or willful damage will be assessed to the renter directly. All damage repairs must be authorized by Sunshine Coast RV Rental before proceeding. Customer contents are not covered by our insurance and are the responsibility of the renter. Self-towed units require an ICBC Roadstar Package or Rental Vehicle Policy APV281L. The minimum coverage is as follows: collision and comprehensive – maximum $500.00 deductible, $2,000,000.00 liability coverage for the towing vehicle, and $1,000,000.00 for the rental unit.

When damage to a unit is a result of negligent or careless behaviour, basic insurance is considered void (including third party coverage,) and the renter is responsible for 100% of repair or replacement costs to their rented units, including but not limited to rental loss, and cost of third party property that may have been damaged due to the driver’s negligent behaviour. Negligent or careless behaviour/driving includes, but is not limited to: hit and run, roof damage due to height restrictions, undercarriage damage, driving under the influence, traffic violations (i.e. running red lights, excessive speed, etc.,) travelling in restricted areas, operation of towing vehicle connected to unit by anyone not listed on the rental agreement, unreported damage. Sunshine Coast RV Rentals reserves the right to charge the renter's credit card on file for any lost, or damaged rental equipment in addition to the rental fee specified.

Sunshine Coast RV Rentals maintains liability coverage on all its rental units to a maximum of $5,000,000.00 for any bodily injury and property damage liability claims arising from the operation or use of its rental units, provided all safety instructions were adhered to as recommended by Sunshine Coast RV Rentals. Premiums for this basic public liability coverage are included in all rental rates, which include premiums for collision and comprehensive insurance with a deductible of $2,000.00/occurrence. In the event of total loss, or damage to unit while on rental – whether or not the renter is at fault, the renter's responsibility for direct and accidental loss or damage is limited to a maximum of $2,000.00/occurrence. There is no limit however, if the rental unit incurs total loss or damage not covered by insurance. Collision deductible reduction, and collision deductible waiverare d agreements are available and subject to the express terms of this rental contract and are null and void if any of the terms of the rental agreement are breached.

secuirty Deposit / rental payment

The credit card submitted in the Rental Policy Agreement will undergo acharge of $500.00. If the RV is returned without any damage within 48 hours, the funds will be refunded. The rental payment is required to be paid in full prior to departure of your self-tow, or delivery unit.

delivered units

We are happy to offer a delivery option for our clients. No deliveries will take place on holidays unless otherwise agreed upon with Sunshine Coast RV Rentals. Delivery costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on distance. All unlisted areas are subject to alternative pricing. *Please note, these prices DO NOT include set up/tear down. Set up/tear down offered at an additional $150.00

Travel Restrictions

Travel is restricted to Canada only, and any travel to the United States of America is not allowed. Additionally, off-road driving is strictly prohibited.

pickup / dropoff times

Pick-Up will be arranged at a mutually beneficial time between you (the renter), and Sunshine Coast RV Rentals. Pick-Up will be no earlier than 2:00PM. Drop-Off must be done by 12:00PM, unless otherwise discussed. Pick-Up and Drop-Off will be at our RV facility located at 700 Payne Road, Gibsons BC, V0N 1V7.

flat tires

Before every trip, all tires undergo inspection. Once the renter takes possession of the unit, it becomes their responsibility to address any flat tires that may occur. Flat tires are usually the result of punctures, which are beyond the control of Sunshine Coast RV Rentals. Each of our rentals come equipped with a spare backup tire situated at the back of the unit.

drivers license

A valid driver’s license must be presented for all self-tow rentals. This license MUST be valid for at least one year prior to renting the unit – please note this does not include time spent with an (N) class, or (L) class license. Please email a front and back image of anyone’s license who will be driving your towing vehicle. The image must be clear, and legible.

self tow vehicle requirements

Self-tow trailers are for British Columbia residents ONLY. The suitable tow vehicle must be able to tow the GWVR of the unit you have rented, have a hitch, 7-Pin, brake controller, and a 2” or a 2 5/16” ball – depending on which unit has been rented. Please ensure your equipment is working in advance of Pick-Up. Sunshine Coast RV Rentals will NOT allow any rental unit to leave without the proper equipment to do so. Arriving without the proper equipment is solely the responsibility of the renter, if a delivery slot is not available the renter foregoes their security deposit.


If the unit has an awning, please use it with extreme care. In moderate to heavy wind, rain and especially snow, when you are away from the unit or during the night the awning must be retracted. Awnings can be damaged very easily. Some tips to ensure its safety: keep all fires a safe distance away. Smoke trapped by the awning with activate the interior smoke detector, please also have the awning high enough to prevent windows and door from rubbing on the bottom side.

NOTE: Use of the awning is the sole responsibility of the renter. If the awning is deployed, then it is recognized that the renter has agreed to accept all responsibility for the awning.  


Smoking or vaping of any kind is strictly PROHIBITED.  A $250 cleaning fee will be applied if smoking or vaping is suspected in your rental unit.


We require that the units be returned in the same condition as you received them. Clean, and undamaged. Damage is the sole responsibility of the renter. Clean all counter tops, sinks, microwaves, tub, shower, BBQ (if applicable), fridge. Oven and stove tops must be left clean and ready for use. It is agreed that if the unit is returned in poor condition a surcharge of $150.00 will be charged to the renter.

pet policy

Bringing a pet must be requested prior to booking. Additional cleaning is always required when pets are on board, if the pet is approved there is a standard $25.00/day per pet fee. If an unapproved pet is in the unit that requires additional repair or cleaning there will be a $150.00 charge.

holding tanks

Only septic safe/RV safe toilet paper is to be used for the safety of the septic system. If a clog occurs and incurs any additional time or damage this will be the responsibility of the renter. It is recommended to empty your tanks regularly; each unit has a monitor panel that displays the level of fluid/waste inside each tank for your convenience. Please note, as you are putting toilet paper and waste in the black tank a sensor could be covered resulting in an incorrect reading, it is recommended to empty your tanks regularly to avoid any overflow. Holding tanks must be drained and flushed upon return of your rental. Holding tanks requiring dumping by Sunshine Coast RV Rentals staff will result in a $50.00 service charge.


Our technicians are available to address any concerns with the rental unit during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM). If you are not within the boundaries of our dealership service area, you must discuss the concerns with Sunshine Coast RV Rental before proceeding with any repairs. If a technician is sent, and the concern any of the following (included but not limited to) user error, user caused, or damage the renter will be responsible for all travel, and technician time billed at $159.00/hr.

Add-on options

We offer a variety of add-ons that will enhance your trip. These are offered at an additional cost and can be added at the time of booking or pick-up of your rental unit. Below is a breakdown of our add-ons.

Towing Essentials Package: $99.95/booking
- Curt Echo Wireless brake controller (7-Pin Required)
- Set of 4 Husky wheel chocks
- Set of 6 Lynx levelling blocks.

Camping Essentials Package $129.95/booking
- Set of 2 director style camping chairs
- Propane fire pit (propane not included)
- Set of 4 mosquito repellent coils